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October 2016 Refresh Your Reader's Theater Staff Training
September 2016 Attention: All Existing Reader's Theater Customers
August 2016 10 Reasons Why Students Need to Read Aloud
July 2016 Key Workshops Next Week at 21st CCLC Summer Institute - Phonenix
June 2016 Meet your June 30 Order Deadlines with Reader's Theater
May 2016 Get the Right Kind of Drama in Your Summer Program with Role-play Reading and Reader's Theater
April 2016 Get your Sparkle Microphone at BOOST and 21st CCLC Assessment Tools
March 2016 Avoiding Summer Slide - Camp Reader's Theater Proven Successful
February 2016 Connect Multiple Learning Styles With Reader's Theater
January 2016 Black History Month and Election Debate with Reader's Theater
December 2015 Specials for Reader's Theater Before End of Year
November 2015 New Funding Sources and Thanksgiving Reader's Theater Story
October 2015 Prevent Bullying with Reader's Theater
September 2015 Important - Meeting Grant Requirements for Reading
August 2015 Immediate Invoicing Available on Reader's Theater
July 2015 Summer Special - Buy One Get 50% Off Other Item
June 2015 New Reader's Theater Combo Activity Kits
May 2015 New Expanded STEM Kits to Serve Unlimited Number of Students!
April 2015 New STEM Kits for Grades K-3 with Robotics!
March 2015 85% Success for Playbooks Reaer's Theater in Avoiding Summer Reading Regression

NAA Features Jamil O'Quinn's Playbooks Reader's Theater Success Story

January 2015 See Playbooks at Upcoming Education Conferences
December 2014 15% Off and Free Shipping in December for Playbooks Reader's Theater
November 2014 Measurable Success with Playbooks® Reader's Theater
October 2014 Checklist of Implementation for Your Reader's Theater Program
September 2014 Spin to Win Customer Appreciation Month
August 2014 New Digital Story Pack for Reader's Theater - August News
June 2014 Have Funds to Spend by June 30th? It's Not Too Late to Order For Summer!
May 2014 Playbooks Reader's Theater Resources
April 2014 Help Your Students Avoid Summer Reading Loss with Affordable Kits
March 2014 Avoid Summer Reading Loss, Plus New SPED Kits
February 2014 Connect Multiple Learning Styles With Reader's Theater
January 2014 Features for the New Year, and Get an Expressive Reading Rubric
December 2013 Receive a 15% discount when you order in December and get a head start on your goals for the year!
November 2013 Please Vote for Playbooks Reader's Theater so More Kids Can Win!
October 2013 Add the "Wow" Factor to Your Reader's Theater Activities With Simple Tips
September 2013 Reader's Theater a Core Reinforcement for Literacy Success
August 2013 Fall for Reader's Theater this month and end Reader's Block! Free Shipping til 8/31
June 2013 Meet June 30th Deadlines and Plan Staff Development for Fall
May 2013 Hot Sellers From Playbooks Roleplay Reader, and ACA-Approved Webinar
April 2013 Role-play Read with Healthy Themes for Fitness and Sports Month
March 2013 Summer Reading Gain with Camp Reader's Theater & Role-play Reading
February 2013 Black History & Reader's Theater, The 10 Commandments, and World Read Aloud Day
January 2013 Try Playbooks for Free with our New Pilot Program, Plus an Important Message for Title I Educators
December 2012 Reader's Theater Fulfills Nearly 50 Common Core State Standards
November 2012 All New Kits for STEM, Character Education, and More!
October 2012 Compare the Playbooks Reader's Theater Difference and Share Your Success!
September 2012 Role-play Reading with The Bully Games - An Important New Reader's Theater Script from Playbooks
August 2012

Staff Development for Reader's Theater Methodology, Choral Reading, and Vendor Setup

July 2012

New Website Launched!

Watch a Short and Powerful Webinar Excerpt on Reader's Theater

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