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51 The Baseball Equation (Grades 4-6)
51 The Baseball Equation (Grades 4-6)

The Baseball Equation (Grades 4-6)


Written by: Kyle Namisniak
Illustrated by: Antonio Nilo


Tyler was great at math. In fact, he was great at all school subjects. But what he really wanted to do was play baseball. His friends tried to help him, his coach encouraged him, but he just couldn't get it. Some of the kids at school made fun of him, and he would dread having to go out onto the field when it was time to play. One Saturday, he was determined he would practice until he played well, but even with his best efforts, he couldn't make any progress. Luckily for Tyler, the school janitor had been watching, and together they figured out a formula that would use Tyler's strengths to his advantage. For the first time, Tyler saw baseball from a new angle. But would this information help his game? Would Tyler ever be good at baseball?


For 2 - 6 Readers


Advantage (Multi-Level) Format includes Playbooks Reading Levels - Stages 3-5


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