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73 The Bully Games (Gr. 5-12)
73 The Bully Games (Gr. 5-12)

The Bully Games (Gr. 5-12)


Written by: Krista Lawson
Illustrated by: Liliane Grenier


Filled with the most up to date anti-bullying ideologies, this story shows through the experiences of average teenagers how bystanders have the power to stop a bully in a matter of seconds simply by standing up for the victim with a few words! It also addresses the growing problem of cyber bullying.


In a mysterious journey through cyberspace, five teenagers from across the country are sucked into their smart phones and transported to a small, white room, with only one object: a gigantic cell phone. Bewildered, they soon discover they are playing a real life video game! As they select options from the phone's menu, they are sent into five different bullying scenarios, where each person finds him or herself playing a different part: bystander, victim, or bully.


As they decipher the meaning behind the game, the characters learn about the often misunderstood dynamics of bullying and what victims can do to discourage bullies themselves. More importantly, they learn how becoming a forstander destroys the "Bully Games.”


An included Super Hero Pledge helps students make a commitment to be courageous forstanders and address this important issue in real, effective ways.


For 2 - 6 Readers


Advantage (Multi-Level) Format includes Playbooks Reading Levels - Stages 3-6


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