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17 How To Catch Monsters (Grades 1-3)
17 How To Catch Monsters (Grades 1-3)

How To Catch Monsters (Grades 1-3)


Written by: Sharon Brinkerhoff
Illustrated by: Antonio Nilo


It was Saturday, and Amanda ran outside to play just like always. Except this Saturday, she was in for a big surprise - a very scary surprise. There were three large, hairy, frightening looking monsters in her yard, and they were hungry! From her hiding place behind the bushes, she heard them talking about eating, and she was horrified to think she and her brother, Josh, might be on the menu. Josh and Amanda needed help. They knew their dad would know what to do, but when they told him about the monsters, he didn't believe them! They were on their own, and they were desperate to come up with a plan to catch the monsters before they were caught themselves.


For 2-7 Readers


Advantage (Multi-Level) Format includes Stages 1-3



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