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84 The Comedy of Errors (Shakespeare) (Grades 7-12)
84 The Comedy of Errors (Shakespeare) (Grades 7-12)

The Comedy of Errors (Shakespeare) (Grades 7-12)


Adapted by: Margaret Ann Webber
With contributions by: Danielle Birkitt
Illustrated by: Antonio Nilo


This merry mix-up employs the classic ruse of mistaken identity. Not one, but two sets of identical twins, separated shortly after birth, and totally unaware of one another, romp through the ancient city of Ephesus causing mass confusion and hilarity. To these four basic characters, add a doddering father, an irate wife, and an incompetent witch-doctor, among others, and you have a Shakespearean comedy of epic proportions.


For 2 - 9 Readers


(Single-Level) Format - All Roles at Playbooks Reading Levels - Stage 6


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