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62 Jacob's Magic Mittens (Grades 4-8)
62 Jacob\'s Magic Mittens (Grades 4-8)

Jacob's Magic Mittens (Grades 4-8)


Written by: Susan Ingebretson
Illustrated by: Tony Jacobs


Jacob's family is poor, and his life is hard, but this doesn't stop him from dreaming! He wishes his family didn't have to accept charity, and he desperately wants life to change. He feels ashamed and powerless. When he receives a pair of bright red, overly large hand-made mittens for his birthday, he only feels worse, but suddenly unexplained and strange things begin to happen! And when danger strikes, Jacob discovers he needs all the help he can get. Will the mysterious gift give Jacob the confidence to act before time runs out? This heartwarming story reminds readers of what is truly important when life is not going how you would choose. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you don't wish for!


For 2 - 5 Readers


(Single-Level) Format - All Roles at Playbooks Reading Levels - Stage 5


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