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18 The Klutzy Kangaroo (Grades 1-3)
18 The Klutzy Kangaroo (Grades 1-3)

The Klutzy Kangaroo (Grades 1-3)


Written by: Patricia Fine
Illustrated by: John Portez


Kenny is a young kangaroo. As all youngsters do, he attends school to learn important lessons like jumping and hopping. Kenny tries very hard to learn these necessary skills, but he is hampered by his rather large tail. Some students make fun of him. Poor Kenny feels as if he will never be good at anything, but then a new Karate class is introduced at school. Kenny finds that his overgrown tail can actually help him excel at Karate. Can Kenny change from the Klutzy Kangaroo to the Karate Kangaroo?


For 2 - 8 Readers


Advantage (Multi-Level) Format includes Playbooks Reading Levels - Stages 1-3


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