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79 Mission Humanity (Grades 6-12)
79 Mission Humanity (Grades 6-12)

Mission Humanity (Grades 6-12)


Written by: Elizabeth Burke
Illustrated by: Stephen Anderson


Mission Humanity is a futuristic science fiction story about a family living on the Planet Luna in the year 2084 under the rule of a dictator who has outlawed the ideas of family identity, individuality, and even names! People are to be known by letters and numbers only and to function as members of a governmental machine. One family dares to oppose this tyranny, but it's a dangerous undertaking. Worse yet, it seems that the younger members of the family have already been indoctrinated into this sterile and heartless form of existence. Will the family be able to pull together to overcome this oppression, or is it already too late? Does the younger generation still retain enough of their humanity to even want to join their family against this cruel dictator?


For 2 - 7 Readers


(Single-Level) Format - All Roles at Playbooks Reading Levels - Stage 6


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