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54 How Sandy Got Her Spin (Grades 4-7)
54 How Sandy Got Her Spin (Grades 4-7)

How Sandy Got Her Spin (Grades 4-7)


Written by: Sandy Slade
Illustrated by: Liliane Grenier


This charming, funny, and motivating story, How Sandy Got Her Spin, is based on and written by real-life, famous sports entertainer Sandy "Spin" Slade, who has been a professional basketball handling performer for over 20 years. She has performed half-time shows for numerous NBA games across the country and other basketball events around the world. She also inspires students in school assemblies across America and encourages them to overcome their fears, learn from their mistakes, and never give up practicing! As the story begins, it is a typical school morning, but when the principal, Mrs. Johanson, makes a special announcement about a surprise assembly program, everything changes. Students energetically file into the multi-purpose room, chattering about what or who might be involved in the exciting assembly. When a certain boy sees a woman sitting on stage with several basketballs, he's skeptical as to what a woman might teach him about basketball ... but when he sees what Sandy Spin can do, his only question is, "Can boys do that, too?" Meanwhile, another student resolves to overcome her fears and shyness and do something brave, like perform in front of an audience like Sandy Spin, while another learns the importance of hard work and determination while keeping a sense of humor all along the way. The characters in this story make up a rapping basketball handling routine that readers actually get to perform in a group with a "mini-basketball" that comes with this story set. Also included in the story is a DVD with real footage of Sandy "Spin" Slade as she performs basketball tricks, talks about what motivated her career, and shares an important message with kids. The story supplement includes several basketball drills and exercises that make this complete story activity also a PE activity that meets several PE standards.


For 2 - 6 Readers


Advantage (Multi-Level) Format includes Playbooks Reading Levels - Stages 3-5


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