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81 Sherman the Shy (Grades 6-12)
81 Sherman the Shy (Grades 6-12)

Sherman the Shy (Grades 6-12)


Written by: Patricia Fine
Illustrated by: Liliane Grenier


It's time for Prince Sherman to choose a bride, but that's actually the last thing he wants to do. In the first place, he's horribly shy. He can't even talk to girls, let alone think about marrying one. Also, the girls who are always flocking around him are only interested in him because he's a handsome prince. He wishes he could find a girl he could talk to who would like him for who he is, but apparently that sort of girl just doesn't exist. To get away from it all, he heads out by himself to go camping in the woods. Unfortunately, he's not a very good camper and ends up falling down a deep hole. It seems like his life only goes from bad to worse until he's rescued by the very girl he'd always hoped to find. Except, of course, he can't marry her because she's not royalty. Will Prince Sherman ever find happiness? They say love always finds a way!


For 2 - 6 Readers


(Single-Level) Format - All Roles at Playbooks Reading Levels - Stage 6


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