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6 Stories - Reader's Theater, Jr. Complete Kit
6 Stories - Reader\'s Theater, Jr. Complete Kit

Reader's Theater, Jr. Complete Kit: Includes 6 Easel books (1 per topic - Vowels, Counting,  Weather, Exercise, Healthy Foods, Community Helpers), 50 mini transition books (5 per topic), 6 teacher's implementation guides, 10 sparkle microphone props, and supplemental activity sheets for each story topic. Also included is a hand prop for each character. 

What are Mini Transition Stories? - Each topic has 1 full-length story in the form of an Easel book (11" x 17" spiral bound) and 5 Mini Transition stories (each 8 1/2" x 11" saddle stitched). Rather than just five copies of the topic story, the Mini Transition stories are short and simple stories that introduce one each of five elements from the full length story using most of the text from that story as a means of building up and preparing students to read the full-length story. In a sense, the Mini stories each represent about one fifth of the story plot and text of the full length story and are to be read first, one each day, or more frequently, to transition students to be able to read the full length story that includes some additional teacher text that rounds out an entire plot that is fun and exiciting.