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11 I Want My Room Back (Grades K-3)
11 I Want My Room Back (Grades K-3)

I Want My Room Back (Grades K-3)


Written by: Sharon Brinkerhoff
Illustrated by: John Portez


Timmy's room was a mess! It was dusty and dirty and cluttered with everything imaginable. But did Timmy care? Not one bit! Then one dust bunny showed up at the foot of his bed. Timmy wasn't worried. One little ball of dust certainly couldn't cause any harm. It was only when the rest of them - Stinky, Broken, and Lost - moved in that Timmy became worried. By then of course it was too late. The unwelcome guests quickly took over Timmy's room. Would Timmy ever be able to get his room back?


For 2 - 7 Readers


Advantage (Multi-Level) Format includes Playbooks Reading Levels - Stages 1-3



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