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44 My Wide World of Sports (Grades 3-6)
44 My Wide World of Sports (Grades 3-6)

My Wide World of Sports (Grades 3-6)


Written by: Francesca Passudetti
Illustrated by: Liliane Grenier


Michael wasn't interested in sports. The only things he really liked to do were play video games and eat snacks. Then one day, his TV stopped working. Instead of video games, he could only see his pudgy reflection in the dark glass. When one of his friends invited him to watch his soccer practice, he reluctantly went along out of lack of something better to do. Out on the soccer field, Michael met up with his friends who each practiced a favorite sport, popular in his or her own culture. It was fun to learn about sports from around the world, but unfortunately, Michael wasn't good at any of them. When the kids decided to cool off in the pool, however, things were about to change! Amazingly, once Michael hit the water, his awkwardness turned into agility, and he was a stronger and faster swimmer than any of the other kids. Was it possible that one day Michael Phillips would not only be good at a sport, but would excel?


For 2 - 6 Readers


(Multi-Level Format - Roles written at Playbooks Reading Levels - Stages 3-5


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