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82 I'm Not With Them (teenage drinking) (Grades 7-12)
82 I\'m Not With Them (teenage drinking) (Grades 7-12)

I'm Not With Them (teenage drinking) (Grades 7-12)


Written by: Sharon Brinkerhoff
I llustrated by: Dina Skeels


Life has never been easy for Carlos. His father died early, falling victim to the alcoholism that plagued his life. His mother and her five children were left in poverty, barely able to scrape out a living. Carlos looks up to his brother, Diego, and wants to fit in with his crowd, but he finds himself in situations where the peer pressure is too great. Fortunately, Carlos has a gift, a rare and special talent that helps him deal with difficult times. He is an artist, and through his abstract painting, he not only finds a release for his emotions, but has already started to gain the respect and admiration of the art world. Will Carlos be able to withstand the urge to follow the crowd? Or will his artistic drive be strong enough to help him say, "I'm not with them."


For 2 - 6 Readers


(Single-Level) Format - All Roles at Playbooks Reading Levels - Stage 6


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